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The Student Association (SAUNDA) of the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney, is open to discussions with businesses and organisations looking to offer sponsorship or advertise with SAUNDA. Become part of our future growth and development to serving the Notre Dame Sydney Student Community. 

SAUNDA grants automatic and free membership to all students at Notre Dame. This means our membership base is the entire Sydney Campus community, which makes SAUNDA an attractive and effective avenue to connect with a large group of students at Notre Dame.

SAUNDA is founded on three important ideas: Support, Respect, and Build Community. We are sure that the values which form this Association will align with the values of your business or organisation. 

To discuss any sponsorship or advertisement please contact the SAUNDA Vice President, Christian Santos, on or use the form below at the end of the page.

We would love to hear from you regarding sponsorship or advertising.


Why Sponsor Us?

SAUNDA is the most efficient and effective vehicle for you to connect with a growing pool of incredibly talented students at Notre Dame. As SAUNDA has grown so too has our reputation amongst Notre Dame students, making 2018 an attractive year for prospective sponsors to get in touch with SAUNDA. Our commitment to our sponsors is that we take a personal and professional approach to building our relationship with you.

Viva Week 2016: SAUNDA Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative on Campus

Viva Week 2016: SAUNDA Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative on Campus

1. Broaden the exposure of your organisation

  • Expand your organisation's profile to a wider audience, the Notre Dame Sydney Student Community. 
  • Partnerships with SAUNDA helps towards getting publicity for your organisation's name to students through sponsoring events and initiatives, flyers, merchandise, etc. 

3. Be intrinsic to our Growth and Development

  • Founded in 2005, we are a relatively young University Student Association.
  • We have grown and developed each year, increased our events and increased our capabilities and portfolio areas.
  • But there is still a lot of scope for development and growth. Be an intrinsic part of our future growth through sponsoring us or partnering with us. 
SAUNDA Committee 2017 at the Annual Notre Dame Ball, The Westin Hotel.

SAUNDA Committee 2017 at the Annual Notre Dame Ball, The Westin Hotel.

2. Opportunity to Develop lasting Connections

  • SAUNDA aims to develop long lasting relationships with organisations and businesses. 
  • Increased exposure about your organisation may attract students to your organisation in the future.

4. Access to an Attractive Target Market

  • Automatic membership given to all enrolled students at Notre Dame Sydney.  
  • Our Membership pool totals approximately 5000 students and we are growing each year. 
  • Diverse and Talented Community across all Schools, including Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, Law, Medicine, Nursing, and Philosophy & Theology. 


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