To students and alumni of the University of Notre Dame Australia: the Vice Chancellor's Working Party on Sexuality and Pastoral Care is asking for interested students to record their on campus experiences related to matters of sexual identity and pastoral care.

The experiences of students in their own words can contribute to informing and substantiating the recommendations of the Working Party’s report to the Vice Chancellor.

The information being sought will relate to both negative and positive experiences on campus related to matters of sexual identity and might address:

  • Grievances (specific incidents of discrimination, inappropriate class discussions, insensitivity, harassment, negative reactions of students/staff in relation to the use of common areas and facilities); or instances of equitable, tolerant or unbiased behaviour.
  • More general impressions - You might indicate: whether or not you always feel safe on campus and why; whether or not you feel you can approach staff members with a grievance and why; whether or not you are comfortable approaching counsellors on campus should you wish to; or whether or not there any spaces on campus where you don't feel welcome.
  • The details - You might indicate: whether or not you are satisfied with the nature of the pastoral care and facilities available to you on campus in relation to your needs; whether or not you are comfortable in expressing all aspects of your identity on campus and why; whether or not adequate facilities provided for you on campus; and whether or not administrative processes at the University take into account your needs.

If responding to or considering the content of this survey causes you any distress or raises issues that you would like to discuss, please approach the University Counselling Services (Ph: (02) 8204 4220 or Email: to contact one of the counsellors or leave a message). Alternatively you could contact an external organisation, such as Lifeline (Ph: 13 11 14; online crisis support chat service:

Any information submitted will be strictly anonymous unless you choose to disclose your identity or contact details in the field below. All responses will be received by Dr. Naomi Metzl, Executive Officer for the Vice Chancellor’s Working Party (