A party where the wildest of Notre Damian’s congregated and celebrated, where food was plentiful and libation ever-flowing. The energy and intensity of the dance floor was matched only by the artistry of the DJ’s.

Did I mention there was a karaoke cave too?

Organised by Aylwin Lui (Events Director), the Mid-Semester Fiesta was hosted at the homey and very accommodating venue, The Two Wolves. Volunteers at the venue went above and beyond to ensure the successful operation of the evening; true salt of the earth individuals.

Overall, the 200 attendees can now testify that the prophecy held true. Keep your ear to the ground and be ready for SAUNDA’s next event! It only gets better from here.

Notre Dame Student Chris Leroy gazed upon the tea leaves and saw visions of a grand soiree: ‘Indisputably, the biggest night of the year.’


Contact: Ruby Rose, Communications Director, ruby.rose1@my.nd.edu.au.