Official Notice: Annual General Meeting

Official Notice: Annual General Meeting

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12.30pm - 1.30pm

Tuesday 30 October 2018

NDS2 St Benedict’s Student Common Room, Broadway Site

The Student Association of the University of Notre Dame Australia (SAUNDA) hereby gives notice of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the 2018 SAUNDA Committee.

Annual General Meeting Agenda

  1. 2018 Student Association President’s Report

  2. Consideration of SAUNDA’s Finances

  3. Amendments to the SAUNDA Constitution

  4. Announcement of the 2019 Student Association Committee

  5. Transfer of 2019 Executives to the Student Association Accounts

  6. 2019 Student Association President-Elect Address

  7. General Business

As a summary, the amendments in each governance document is as follows:

·      SAUNDA Constitution:

  • Amending minor typographical errors in some constitution sections.

  • Change the position designation of ‘Alumni Director’ to ‘Alumni Representative’ after consultation and discussion with the University Alumni officer from the Office of University Relations.

  • Change of the position designation of ‘Education Director’ to ‘Academic & Welfare Director’ to improve clarity of the role in SAUNDA.

  • Change the section numbering and references to section numbers to accommodate the changes made to the Constitution by the amendments.

  • Addition of new prior qualifications for eligibility of students to nominate in an election, including prior SAUNDA service for Director positions and completion of the leadership program or equivalent from Student Services.

  • General improvement of clarity in some constitutional sections.


The aim of these amendments are to increase clarity in the Student Association’s important governance document. These amendments will mark the ending phase in this round of a two-and-a-half-year reform and update process undertaken by SAUNDA.

Annual General Elections: Notice

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The Student Association (SAUNDA) of the University of Notre Dame Australia in conjunction with the SAUNDA Election Tribunal hereby declare following dates for the Annual General Elections for the 2019 SAUNDA Committee.

Election Timeline:

  • Nomination Period: 16 - 30 August 2018
  • Contingent Nomination Extension Period: 31 August - 6 September 2018
  • Polling: 17-19 September 2018
  • Results Announcement: 26 September 2018

The following positions on the Student Association Committee are available:

  • Art & Sciences Representative
  • Business Representative
  • Education Representative
  • Law Representative
  • Medicine Representative
  • Nursing Representative
  • Philosophy & Theology Representative
  • President
  • Vice President (Broadway)
  • Vice President (Darlinghurst)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Clubs Director
  • Communications Director
  • Education Director
  • Events Director
  • Sports & Health Director

Note: You must have served previously on the Student Association to be eligible to run for an Executive position. If there are no eligible candidate at the end of the nomination period, then nominations will be extended for an additional 5 working days.

Information about the election and SAUNDA positions will be found on the SAUNDA website closer to the date on nominations opening. 

Notice compiled by:

Isabella Prichard

Secretary | Student Association (SAUNDA)

Christelle Santos                                    

President | Student Association (SAUNDA)


Expressions of Student Interest - Trivia Night, Art Competition & Talent Competition

Expressions of Student Interest - Trivia Night, Art Competition & Talent Competition

Expression of Interest: Trivia Night, Art Competition, & Talent Competition

For any questions please contact Tashya, SAUNDA Events Director, via:

Name *
Please chose which School of the University you are primarily enrolled in at the University.
Event Selection
Please chose which event or events would you be interested to participate in and SAUNDA to organise this semester.

SAUNDA Statement - Sydney Campus Library Hours

SAUNDA Statement - Sydney Campus Library Hours

SAUNDA Statement RE: Sydney Campus Library Hours

The Student Association (SAUNDA) has received a number of student concerns raised with regards to the opening hours of the Sydney Campus Libraries (St Benedict's Library, Broadway, and Benedict XVI Library, Darlinghurst). 

Students of the Sydney Campus have raised the following issues:

  • Students not consulted on the change of opening times from 8.30am-8pm to 8am-7pm;
  • There is a difference between the accessibility of library facilities between the Fremantle and Sydney Campuses; 
  • Minimal weekend library opening hours and on Sunday the library is closed; and
  • Some students have been requesting a 24 hour library service. 

SAUNDA is concerned by the decreased accessibility of the Library facilities without first consulting the students. SAUNDA is listening and has started to raise your concerns with the University and we will work with the University to make sure that reasonable access is provide to students. 

Already at the recently held March University Student Affairs Committee Meeting, which the SAUNDA President and Vice Presidents (Broadway & Darlinghurst) are ex officio members, this matter was raised by SAUNDA. The SAUNDA representatives on the Student Affairs Committee (President, Vice President - Broadway, Vice President - Darlinghurst and Arts Representative) has emphasised that these changes and the manner in which the changes occurred are not satisfactory. The Student Affairs Committee is obtaining more information about the changes and it will be examined by the SAUNDA and the Committee at the next meeting. SAUNDA will continue to update students on this matter and be assured that SAUNDA will continue to work on this until the university has an appropriate arrangement in place. 

For a stronger Notre Dame community, 

Student Association of the University of Notre Dame Australia (SAUNDA) Committee 2018

Student Association Vacancies

Student Association Vacancies


SAUNDA has three vacancies on the Committee:

  1. Education Director
  2. Philosophy & Theology Representative
  3. Postgraduate Representative

For eligibility and descriptions of each of the positions please read the Student Association's  Constitution and Regulations 03 Governance here:

Your nomination should outline the following:

  1. Name, Year & Degree
  2. Nominated Position(s)
  3. What would you bring to the role(s) you have nominated for?
  4. Do you have any previous leadership experience or any experiences in any similar role?
  5. Why would you be suitable for the role(s)?

Nominations due by: 11.59pm Sunday 22 April 2018

Please email your nominations to the SAUNDA President, Christelle Santos, at

All nominations will be considered at the next SAUNDA Committee meeting.

Notre Dame Nursing Society General Elections 2017

Notre Dame Nursing Society General Elections 2017


Positions on the Nursing Society (NURSOC) of the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney, are now open for nominations in the upcoming General Election. The Student Association (SAUNDA) will be supervising and coordinating the election process of the Nursing Society's Election. Therefore, all NURSOC election procedures will be governed by the Student Association Constitution and Election Regulations.

Nursing Society Positions Open for Nomination:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Communications Director
  • Events Director
  • Social Justice Director
  • First Year Representative
  • Second Year Representative
  • Third Year Representative

Nominations are NOW OPEN and CLOSE THURSDAY 30 MARCH 2017 12AM (electronic submission). Please carefully read the instructions on the nomination form on how to submit your nomination.

All currently enrolled Nursing Students are eligible to nominate for a position.


NURSING SOCIETY ELECTION VOTING PERIOD: Darlinghurst Student Services (access to office via fountain end of courtyard)

  • Monday 3 April 9am-5pm at Student Services 
  • Tuesday 4 April 9am-5pm at Student Services
  • Wednesday 5 April 9am-5pm at Student Services

Only currently enrolled Nursing Students will be eligible to vote in the election.

Questions can be directed to or 


Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 1st November 2016, 5.30pm

Ground Floor, School of Philosophy and Theology (corner of Moorgate St & Grafton St)


The outgoing SAUNDA Committee would like to invite you to an evening to celebrate student life in 2016, and to welcome the new 2017 Committee. 

Food and refreshments will be provided, as well as the opportunity to discuss student life on campus and network with like-minded peers.

All UNDA students are automatically members of the Student Association (SAUNDA).  Your attendance and contribution is valued and appreciated.

Please contact with any questions, or agenda items to submit.

ROUNDS: Culture is Life Galupa Safety House Fundraiser Evening

ROUNDS: Culture is Life Galupa Safety House Fundraiser Evening


The Student Association would like to congratulate its inaugrual 2016 Collaboration Award and Community Services Award winner, the Rural Health Organisation of the University of Notre Dame Sydney (ROUNDS) on their wonderful success on fundraising for and spreading awareness of Indigenous suicide prevention. One of the many outstanding clubs on Campus!

Indigenous Australians have the highest rates of suicide in the world (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015) and these rates have skyrocketed over the last 20 years. Indigenous youths aged 15 – 24 have 5.2 times greater risk of intentional self-harm than non-indigenous Australians (Closing the Gap Clearinghouse 2014, AIHW 2015). In the Northern Territory, Indigenous suicide rates are 10 times higher than their non-Indigenous counterparts. These statistics are shocking and need to be a national priority. As highlighted in the Elders’ Report (2014) a connection to culture is shown to be the most powerful factor to protect against Indigenous youth suicide.

The rural health organisation of The University of Notre Dame Sydney (ROUNDS) has recently spent time in Nhulunbuy, North East Arnhem Land with senior Elder and Traditional landowner Gayili Marika Yunupingu.

Gayili co-founded Galupa Marngarr Suicide Prevention Group alongside her sisters in 2011. Gayili and her sisters are proud Yolngu women of the Gumatj clan. Their work has single-handedly reduced the youth suicide rate in their community from the world's worst to zero.( As an advocate for suicide prevention, Gayili has been selected to be on the National Indigenous Suicide Prevention Advisory Council for the Prime Minister and nominated for Australian of the year.

Despite this, Gayili has received minimal funding since 2013 and her and her family live in poverty. The Galupa Safety House is in a state of disrepair with no running water or electricity. The safety house is vital to the work of Galupa Marngarr and the safety and well-being of the young people it supports. Gayili can no longer do her work because she is struggling just to get by and suicide is once again rampant in her community.

ROUNDS alongside not for profit organisation Culture is Life has been invited by the Galupa Marnarr Suicide Prevention Group to help repair the Galupa Safety House and assist Gayili to bolster the on country healing program. Already this year, through funding, ROUNDS has restored the road that connects the town to the Healing Place and gotten the community car up and running so at-risk youth can be easily taken out of town to Gayili's Safety House and then onto the Yudu Yudu Healing Place.

On the 16th September ROUNDS held the annual Culture is Life fundraiser evening to raiseenough funds for building materials and to fly up tradespeople and labourers to re-build the Galupa Safety House. The fundraiser was a huge success with over 100 attendees and more than $10 000 raised.

Excitingly, ROUNDS, Culture is Life and major sponsors Stroud Homes franchises (Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane North, Brisbane South and Brisbane West) will now be able to send a team of medical students alongside two tradespeople and a representative from Stroud Homes up to Galupa in November to complete the re-build alongside Gayili and her community. ROUNDS, Culture is Life and Stroud Homes recognise that community led initiatives are best practice for reducing the rates of Indigenous youth suicide.

SAUNDA is proud to be supporting Indigenous communities and such a proactive group of students to help reduce the disproportionately high rates of Indigenous youth suicide in Australia.

To donate or learn more about the project please see our website:

Student Association Annual Elections

Student Association Annual Elections

Its that time of the year again - the Student Association's Annual General Elections!!! Be part of a dynamic and passionate team of students representing student and organising some truly amazing event throughout the year!

Vice Chancellor's Working Party on Sexuality and Pastoral Care Survey

Vice Chancellor's Working Party on Sexuality and Pastoral Care Survey

To students and alumni of the University of Notre Dame Australia: the Vice Chancellor's Working Party on Sexuality and Pastoral Care is asking for interested students to record their on campus experiences related to matters of sexual identity and pastoral care.

The experiences of students in their own words can contribute to informing and substantiating the recommendations of the Working Party’s report to the Vice Chancellor.

The information being sought will relate to both negative and positive experiences on campus related to matters of sexual identity and might address:

  • Grievances (specific incidents of discrimination, inappropriate class discussions, insensitivity, harassment, negative reactions of students/staff in relation to the use of common areas and facilities); or instances of equitable, tolerant or unbiased behaviour.
  • More general impressions - You might indicate: whether or not you always feel safe on campus and why; whether or not you feel you can approach staff members with a grievance and why; whether or not you are comfortable approaching counsellors on campus should you wish to; or whether or not there any spaces on campus where you don't feel welcome.
  • The details - You might indicate: whether or not you are satisfied with the nature of the pastoral care and facilities available to you on campus in relation to your needs; whether or not you are comfortable in expressing all aspects of your identity on campus and why; whether or not adequate facilities provided for you on campus; and whether or not administrative processes at the University take into account your needs.

If responding to or considering the content of this survey causes you any distress or raises issues that you would like to discuss, please approach the University Counselling Services (Ph: (02) 8204 4220 or Email: to contact one of the counsellors or leave a message). Alternatively you could contact an external organisation, such as Lifeline (Ph: 13 11 14; online crisis support chat service:

Any information submitted will be strictly anonymous unless you choose to disclose your identity or contact details in the field below. All responses will be received by Dr. Naomi Metzl, Executive Officer for the Vice Chancellor’s Working Party (

Pancake Day

Pancake Day

On 29 March during the rainy Wednesday, the Student Association held Pancake Day at Broadway with all the gold coin donation proceeds from the delicious pancakes going to Youth Off The Streets.

ND Gift 2016

ND Gift 2016

On 1 April 2016, the annual ND Gift took place at Wentworth Park.

Mid-Semester Fiesta

Mid-Semester Fiesta

A party where the wildest of Notre Damian’s congregated and celebrated, where food was plentiful and libation ever-flowing. 


Are you a student enrolled in the school of Arts & Sciences or Philosophy & Theology?  Are you passionate about making student life at Notre Dame the best that it can be?