Notre Dame Chaplaincy partnering with the Student Association Present the 2017 Study Retreat

Having trouble focusing on study during the non-teaching week in semester/ Do you want a relaxing space to unwind and focus on your studies? If yes, then why not join us for a study retreat at Hartzer Park to maximise your non-teaching week!

This will be a great opportunity to get away from Sydney while still being able to study and use your time well. So join us  at the very peaceful and stunning Hartzer Park in Bowral. 

For only $95 for a 4 day study retreat, you will get:

8 hours per day for study (or more)

Scenic walks, sports, crafts and more!

And access to the Sacraments and spiritual reflection time.

The full four days will cost you $95 which will cover your accommodation and food. 

For questions just email