Nominations ARE NOW OPEN

The Student Association of the University of Notre Dame Australia (SAUNDA), Sydney, recognises the importance of clubs and societies to fostering community within the University. As the governing body on Campus the Student Association wants to recognise the efforts and achievements of individuals and Clubs on the Sydney Campus. The award recipients will be chosen by the Student Association Committee with reference to the submitted nomination form and any accompanying supporting documentation.

The awards will be announced and presented to individuals or clubs at the Student Association Notre Dame Ball on the Friday 21 September 2018. Clubs and Societies are strongly encouraged to attend the Notre Dame Ball in the event your club is given an award. 

For more information:

Christelle Santos

President | Student Association, Sydney

Charlotte Harding

Clubs Director | Student Association, Sydney


Award Categories:

  • Unsung Hero Award
  • Collaboration Award
  • Community Service Award
  • Outstanding Administration Award
  • Outstanding Club Marketing & Engagement Award
  • Up & Coming Club Award
  • Best Club Event Award
  • Best Club Award

General Guidelines

The Student Association Clubs and Societies Awards:

  1. Established to recognise the achievements of club members and student clubs and societies;
  2. All nominated clubs and societies must be affiliated with the Student Association and University to be eligible for an award;
  3. A subsidiary body of an affiliated club is eligible to nominate for a club award provided the parent club continues to be affiliated;
  4. All nominated clubs and societies must be not have had any penalty imposed by the Student Association in the past year for non-compliance with any of the Student Association or University Policy and Procedure;
  5. All nominees must still be a continuing student at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney, or the Club must still be actively operating on Campus;
  6. The Student Association Committee reserves the right to publish information submitted in the nominating an individual or club for the purposes of promoting the awards.


Clubs may be judged on any combination of the following criteria and in addition to any specific criteria stipulated for an award:

  • Has a continuing active Club status and is still in good standing (i.e. is not under any penalty imposed by the Student Association for non-compliance with policy or procedures) on Campus;
  • The work the nominated club/society or individual has rendered to the student community in the 2017 – 2018 period;
  • Whether the club has provided a service/benefits to the greatest amount of students; and
  • The efforts by a club/individual to building a sense of community across the Sydney Campus.

1.  Unsung Hero Award

Do you know someone who silently attends meetings, dedicated to the group’s purpose and objects or is always around and willing to put in the hours? Here’s your chance to recognise their hard work and dedication. The Student Association would love to recognise the contributions of club members who, although not necessarily occupying a leadership position in a club, have made an impact on the club or society. Perhaps it is the person who always volunteers for a task and quietly sees it through. Perhaps it is the person that always helps to clean up after an event and gives 110% effort. Or perhaps it is the person who always shows initiative in the work of the club.


Unsung Hero Award Criteria:

  • The nominee:
    • Must be a currently an enrolled student at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney;
    • Must be currently an active and current member of the club or club committee;
    • Does not currently occupy a leadership position in the club (i.e. they are not an Executive, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chair or equivalent); and
    • The nominee for the award should have made an impact on the club.

2. Collaboration Award

Open to all affiliated clubs and societies on the Sydney Campus. This award aims to recognise clubs and societies that have visibly made collaboration a top priority this past year in furtherance of fostering community. Collaboration may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including club efforts to work with and reach out with other student clubs or events between two or more clubs.


Collaboration Award Criteria:

  • A club will need to demonstrate their appropriateness for the collaboration award;
  • How have they visibly made collaboration a top priority this past year in furtherance of fostering community; and
  • Significant club involvement in the collaborative efforts.

3. Community Service Award

The community service award is to honour clubs that have contributed to the community inside or outside of the University of Notre Dame Australia or have strived to improve connections with the community. Community services can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including but not limited to clubs volunteering time towards community projects or causes or significant fundraising towards a community organisation.


Community Services Award Criteria:

  • Does a particular work or events of the club have given an excellent representation of the University;
  • Does a particular work or events of the club have furthered the objects of the University;
  • What impact you think has the club made to the community inside or outside the University; and
  • What were the reasons of the club for pursuing a particular thing or cause.


Engaging with students and the club's member is an important part of building community. The Student Association wants to recognise a club that has either a unique, innovative or attractive method of promotion for the club, or a club that has consistently communicated and engaged with their members providing interesting and engaging content to capture their interest. 

Items considered could be:

  • The Methods and quality of communication (e.g. through social media, email newsletters, the club's website, promotional posters, etc.);
  • A promotional or social message campaign, including, but not limited to, marketing campaigns to promote awareness or education around an important student/social issue, promoting community within your school/university, etc.;
  • A promotional event, stall or activity; and
  • Any other applicable methods of communication or ideas aimed at reaching new and existing members.

Do you have a leader who is always there for your group? The ideal leader includes having a balance that allows him/her to stick with ideas instead of giving up, demonstrated substantial dedication to the club, makes compromises, creatively think of alternatives, furthered the development of the club, promoted positive working relationships among their committee or team and strived to comply with all Student Association and University Policies and Procedures.

The Outstanding Administration Award is to recognise the contribution of club presidents or executives to sustaining and leading their clubs.


Outstanding Administration Award Criteria:

  • Have they maintained positive relationships among their committee or team;
  • Has the club or society continued or strived to comply with the Student Association and University Policies and Procedures;
  • In what way has the nominee made an impact in sustaining and leading their club; and
  • Have they demonstrated significant dedication to the success and purpose of the club.

5. Outstanding Administration AWARD


6. Best Up & Coming Club Award

The Student Association strongly encourages students wanting to contribute to furthering the social aspect of our community by providing the avenue to bring students together in a club or society.

Best Up & Coming Club Award may be awarded to:

  • A club who, having affiliated with SAUNDA for the first time this year, have shown outstanding commitment, service and performance; or
  • A club that has shown the most improvement this year either in attendance/engagement, activities, management processes or otherwise. 

The SAUNDA Committee will take into consideration all forms of improvement and will actively try to judge clubs on their actual improvement and not just their perceived improvement. 

The Best Club Event Award is to recognises that clubs and societies are a central part of student life within the University community. The Student Association would like to award a club or society for an event on campus.


Best Club Event Award Criteria, includes:

  • Any event that has benefited the club membership or University community;
  • Demonstrated effective pre-planning and facilitation: a club event can be judged on the number of attendance, use of budget, promotion, and overall effectiveness;
  • Demonstrated that the event was either effective in engaging students, inclusive of students across the campus or innovative; and
  • What need, appeal or area did the event meet or embrace in the University Community (e.g. fostering community among the different schools, improving the quality of student well being on campus, creating a engaging student social life on campus, etc.).

7. Best Club Event Award


The Best Club Award is to recognise the clubs and societies on campus who have played a proactive role in fostering community and improving the quality of student life.


Best Club Award Criteria:

  • Leadership:
    • Ability of the club or society to work effectively as a team; and
    • Ability to communicate effectively within their team, to their membership, and the University at large.
  • Performance:
    • Ability to accomplish tasks or objectives, including effective pre-planning, use of budget, time to accomplish tasks or objectives and the way its was achieved;
    • Demonstrate creativity in their work to accomplish their objectives;
    • Demonstrate Initiative to furthering the development of the club and student community; and
    • Demonstrate any growth and development within the club.
  • Dedication:
    • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards the University community and to increasing the quality to student life on campus; and
    • Demonstrated a dedication to the students of the University, their membership and to the objectives of the club and University.
  • Service:
    • Proactive engagement in serving the members of their club and the student community broadly.