The Sydney Student Association of the University of Notre Dame Australia (SAUNDA) is the peak student representative organisation within the University. We are elected student representatives who work non-stop (both voluntarily and happily) to serve the approximately 5,000 Sydney Campus students. Our mission is to the enhance student experience through representing and supporting students and developing our student community. We provide a range of events and initiatives to benefit the social, academic and spiritual experience of our students as well as the health and well-being of our students throughout the year.

However, our work does not just stop at hosting events. A large portion of our primary duties are behind the scenes, such as overseeing the affiliation process and activities of all Clubs and Societies, representing the students at University functions, serving on various committees and much more. Importantly, many SAUNDA Committee members concurrently serve on various University Committees to ensure that student concerns are heard, such as on the Student Affairs Committee and the University National Student Board.  We regularly meet with the University’s executives, such as the Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellor, Student Engagement and Services, to make sure that the University continues to be connected with the concerns and interests of the student community.

Since our establishment in 2008, SAUNDA has witnessed and participated in the exceptional growth of our Sydney Campus. However, whilst SAUNDA has gone through many different forms in its history, one thing has continued to stay the same: SAUNDA is the voice of the students and is the platforms for students to voice ideas, make change, and get involved. We describe ourselves as ‘the voice’ and ‘the platform’ for students – and we stand by this statement! SAUNDA are your go to people for any issue, concern, or idea regarding the University, study, or student life. It is our role to be present and to be there listen to students – so give us something to shout about!